In our little island of Singapore, there always comes a time when your plumbing system disappoints you in form of leaks. Plumbing leaks are highly inconvenient as you have to call the professional in order to make plumbing repairs. Furthermore, they can interrupt your chores and other stuff from washing dishes to taking a shower.

It is important not to assume even the smallest leak as it could lead to more repairs which will cost you more money. Below is why you should fix the plumbing leak immediately by calling a plumber Singapore.

Damage to the walls

In a home, the plumbing system usually runs in the walls. When a leak occurs, it is important to repair it immediately as it may lead to damage. For example, majority of walls are lined with dry walls which is consists of limestone. When limestone comes into contact with water, it dissolves away. This can compromise the structural integrity of your home. You may wake up one morning or arrive home from work only to find one wall has cracks showing up.

It is wise to look out for leaks behind the walls. One way of doing so is by checking areas that are moist. Droplets of water on your wall are clear indication of a leak. Once you have spotted this, you need to contact a plumber immediately to take a look.

Damage to the floor

Home owners invest a lot in order to ensure that the home looks stunning and beautiful when they move in. You will find wooden floors, fixtures on the wall, gypsum moldings on the walls and other forms of décor. When you have a leak, the water will flow downwards. This is due to gravity.

When water seeps into your floor boards, it will lead to damage the boards in form of rotting and discoloration. If you have tiles, you will find that some are detached from the floor. If you experience this in your home, you need to find the beginning of the problem. Once you have identified it, call the plumber immediately. They will resolve the problem quickly saving you on further repair costs.

Prevent growth of mold and mildew

When you have a plumbing leak, it could result in the growth of mold if the problem is not corrected early. Mold is a form of fungi that loves to thrive in moist conditions and when one breathes in the spores, it can result in health problems leading to asthma and other breathing problems. Furthermore, they can compromise the structure of any wooden structures as they will lead to the rotting of the wood. You need to have your plumbing leaks repaired immediately it occurs. It won’t cost you much today when you repair the problem but if you assume it, you will have a huge bill served to you later.

Prevent wastage of water

Water is a precious commodity and when you have a leak in your home and assume it, you will be wasting the resource. Furthermore, when a leak occurs, your meter will continue running assuming that the leak is water being used. This will lead to your water bill costs increasing. Your water bill can also act as a resource to inform you if your plumbing system has a problem. If you receive a water bill that is higher than usual, you need to contact a plumber in Singapore to inspect your system. It is wise to stay informed especially when it comes to your water bill.

Final Thoughts

Never ignore plumbing leaks in your home. You will not be saving if you don’t attend to the problem immediately. Instead, you will be escalating the problem and soon, you will incur huge costs towards the repairs of the leak(s) as well as waste time due to interruptions. It is wise to have a well trained and experienced plumber on your contact list. They should also offer 24 hour repair service all throughout the week. Remember, leaks will never go away on their own. Why have a problem that compromises the structural integrity of your home by causing cracks to appear on the foundation? This is a problem that needs to be attended to by a professional such as CATS. CATS can provide you with the most affordable and reliable plumbing services in Singapore, so don't hesitate to contact them!