In order to be recognized as a valid plumber Singapore, a person need to be licensed by PUB Singapore. A license is always issued to the person once they have passed certain regulations set aside by state officials. The tests help to weed out dishonest plumbers. It is also used to regulate an activity that is known to require high level of skills as well as being deemed dangerous when done incorrectly.

For home owners, when one contracts an individual who is not licensed to conduct plumbing jobs at home, at first it may seem harmless but countless home owners have fallen victim to falsely advertised prices and shoddy workmanship.

Below is why hiring a licensed plumber matters.

Protects you – the home owner

An emergency plumbing problem in Singapore is highly inconveniencing and when it comes to selecting a contractor, it is wise to select one with a license. A plumbing repair job can turn into a bigger problem leading to injuries. It needs a person who is experienced, skilled and trained to solve any plumbing repair problem. In order for a plumber to be licensed, they need to be trained, skilled, certified by a reputable institution and experienced.

Hiring a licensed plumber assures you that work done will be thorough and high quality. Furthermore, the plumber will complete the work within the stipulated time. When you opt for unlicensed contractors, they may demand unreasonable fees and in the end you will have to pay twice for a single job.

Assures you of an avenue to make a complaint

There are times when you encounter a plumber who tells you that they will provide you with the cheapest service. This is done with the ploy of allowing you to save. When you allow the individual to work on the problem, not only will the results be poor but the problem will escalate.

For starters, you will have to pay the inflated fees for the poorly done job. When you realize that the work done is poor, you will have to hire another plumber. If they are unlicensed, then it means they lack the skills and experience needed. They will perform poor repairs and by the time you hire a licensed professional, the problem will have escalated meaning you will incur higher repair costs. If the plumber is licensed, you can make a complain to PUB. This is why you need to hire a licensed professional – high quality work; affordable repair costs.

Property valuation protection

There are times when you need a permit to have plumbing repair jobs done on your property. As the home owner, you don’t have the time to obtain the proper documents. The process is tedious and lengthy. When you hire unlicensed plumber, they will not be able to obtain these documents for you since they don’t have a license. Hiring a PUB licensed plumber assures you of property value protection which means you will be able to obtain the right documents to ensure your outdoor plumbing repair job gets completed.

Protection from injury

Licensed plumbers are insured which means you are protected. In case of injuries during a repair job, you will not be liable to pay for any medical expenses and the worker will not sue you. Your property will be compensated in case damage occurs to it when the workers were present. Unlike unlicensed contractors who don’t have an insurance which means you are not protected and your property will not be compensated in case damage occurs to it. Always hire a plumber who is licensed and insured.

Protection against third party damages

Unless you own a large home, you definitely have neighbors right next door so in case of plumbing repairs, damage may occur on your neighbor’s property. If you hire an unlicensed contractor, in case damage occurs on the neighbor’s property, you will be liable if you hired the contractor.

On the other hand, if you hire a licensed contractor, they will be insured and in case of damage to the neighbor’s property, the insurance company will compensate ensuring a smooth relationship.

Final Thoughts

Money is tight these days in Singapore but that is no reason for hiring unlicensed plumbers. Even though they advertise cheap fees for their services, the quality of work done will be poor. You will even end up paying another plumber in order to undo the former plumber’s work and make quality repairs. Avoid unlicensed contractors at all costs. Here at CATS, all our technicians are PUB licensed and professional on every job. If you're looking for plumbers in Singapore, then look no further than us!