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Water is life and when care is not enhanced especially when it comes to storage tanks, several hygiene issues will be present.

Water tank cleaning is a service offered to home owners like HDB flat owners with the purpose of cleaning the tanks that store water. This helps to remove any debris as well as ensure that water served to every flat is clean and not contaminated. This is a procedure that should not be taken for granted because if negligence is done, the results can be dreadful. The area around the tank is cleaned plus the disinfection of the tools is done. Water and dirt are drained from the tank and manual scrubbing of the floor and the walls begins. High pressure jet is used to clean the tank and the dirt water is vacuumed. The tank is disinfected with anti bacterial spray before water is filled and drained. The tank is left to dry now that it’s clean before being filled with water.

What happens if you don't clean your water tank?

First and foremost, water borne disease will emerge as they are brought about by bacteria and viruses. Secondly, the dirt from the tank will begin blocking the pipes lowering the water pressure. Lastly, the water leaves stains on dishes during washing which is unhygienic. It is important to understand that as a residence of the HDB flat, you are responsible to ensure that water flowing into your home is clean. You can take steps to inform the management about cleaning the water tank. Our experts are ready to take upon this task. They are well trained, skilled and experienced. They have the right equipment and our charges are pocket friendly.


What Happens To Your Water If Your Water Tank Is Not Cleaned

Changes in color

If your water starts to change color when flowing through the tap, tank needs cleaning.

Smell from the tank

If a bad odour is originating from the tank, then it needs to be cleaned.

Lower water pressure

This is attributed by blockage from dirt found inside the tank.

A reported disease outbreak

If one of the occupants is found with a water borne disease, tank cleaning is compulsory.

Pipe system breakdown

If the water system gets to breakdown due to blockage or corrosion, cleaning will fix it.

Presence of dirt particles

You may view dirt particles settling in the glass after drawing water from the tap.

Stained dishes

Take a bath like in the movies with scented candles all round ad a book at hand.

Plumbing pipe installation

After washing clothes, you may find brown dirt stains. This is a clear indication of a dirty tank.

Dirt around the drainage

If after taking a shower or bath and you notice dirt particles around the drain, it is a sign you tank is dirty.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

It is important to leave the work of cleaning the tank to experienced and licensed professionals like us. When you take upon yourself the task of cleaning the tank, you may end up getting injured as you don’t have the right equipment.

Benefits of Cleaning your Water Tank

  • Helps to keep tank clean
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Keeps the water supply clean and fresh
  • Reduces tank maintenance costs
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety boards
  • Prevents blockage and leakages
  • Prevents disease outbreak
  • Protects associated water system
  • Provides occupants with clean and fresh water
  • Ensure long lifespan of the system

Misconceptions of Plumbing Installations & Replacment

  • It is no necessary as the water is boiled or filtered in the home
  • It is an unnecessary service
  • It is very expensive and inconveniencing

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