In Singapore, water is a precious resource as we import most of our water from overseas. People cannot survive without water but many abuse this commodity leading to high water bills. Over the years, experts have warned about the change in weather which has affected the level of the water table. This simply translates to no fresh water for domestic use if people continue taking the resource for granted.

The best thing about a water bill is that it can be reduced. There are several tips that can help you to save water and in turn, save money and reduce your water bills. Here are some plumbing Singapore services tips to help.

Fix the leaks

The plumbing system is manmade so it is susceptible to wear and tear. This will result in leaks after some time. Leaks allow water to flow away and become wasted. Your meter will read this as usage which will be added to your water bill. The first thing you need to do is hire a professional – plumbing expert – who will take the time and inspect the plumbing system. The expert will identify all areas and inform you what is required. Some areas where leaks can be found include the faucet, the pipes, the kitchen tap and the plumbing around the basement.

You need to have the leaks fixed immediately because when you assume them, they will escalate and you will need to make repairs at a higher cost.

Use modern toilets

If your home is old, you probably have toilets from the old day as they use a lot of water when flushing is done. In a normal household, you will find family members visiting the toilet and after, they will flush it. In a whole day, the amount of water being wasted is too much and it will reflect badly on your water bill.

You need to invest in modern toilets that are equipped with dual flushing system. This means that they are fitted with two tanks – one will be used for a short call and the other for the long call. For the short call, a little water will be used and vice versa. This improves water management and saves you on your water bill.

Insulate your water pipes

Every home owner loves to take a hot shower before they leave for work and when they return home. It helps to sooth the body and allows you to jump start the day feeling energized. For water to be hot, it needs to be heated. This means that the plumbing system will be connected to the water heater. The water heater consumes a lot of energy in order to heat water. Furthermore, it will heat a large volume of water only for a fraction of it to be used.

To improve heating rates, you need to insulate the pipes with foam. You will get hot water faster and avoid wastage.

Mulch the plants and trees

If you have a landed property in Singapore, landscaping is a great way of making the property to look good. You will find home owners investing in high quality grass, trees and flowers. This will be planted on the yard as well as along the driveway. To ensure that they thrive, they need to be watered. Home owners have laid down pipes on their lawns connected to sprinklers. They are preset and will turn on at certain duration. This is one way that water gets wasted.You need to mulch your plants especially the flowers and the trees. Look for dry leaves and grass. Spread it at the base of the tree or plant. This will prevent the rays of the sun from reaching the ground as well as trapping moisture close to the ground.

Final Thoughts

If you have received your PUB water bill, looked at it and started to scratch your head, then it’s time to consider water saving tips. Inspect your plumbing for leaks, have them repaired, install modern toilets with dual flush system, insulate your water pipes and finally mulch your plants. Doing this will allow you to save on water used which converts to savings when the water bills arrives. Water conservation should come naturally to families especially when they are aware of its importance. These simple water saving methods above can be passed from parents to children changing how one uses water at home. For more expertise on this matter, you can contact CATS and their friendly team for Singapore's best plumbing services.