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When it comes to the plumbing system, it best to leave the problem to the experts like us. If you detect any leak, contact our experts immediately.

Plumbing leak detection service allows technicians (plumbers) to inspect the plumbing system with the purpose of finding any leaks. Leaks are wasteful as they allow water to flow out of the pipe which also reflects in the meter as consumed. The home owner needs to contact professional and licensed experts like us. The experts will arrive at the premises and request to be directed around the property. They will begin inspecting the plumbing system outdoors and if no leaks are found, they will proceed indoors. They will begin inspecting the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen and the basement. If any leaks are found, they will be repaired at an affordable fee.

The disadvantages of a not getting a water leak detected

When your plumbing system has leaks, water will flow through it. For starters, it will lower the pressure of water flowing into the home. Secondly, the leak will be detected by the water meter as water consumed which will increase your bill. Lastly, it will lead to the waste of a precious resource.

Symptoms of a Water Leak

Moisture on the wall

If you find moisture on the wall where the pipes are passing by, then you have a leak.

Presence of water on the ground

If you find a small pool of water near where the pipes are, then you have a leak.

Growth of mildew

This is one indicator that you have a leak especially if it is found around the plumbing system.

Moisture presence in the basement

Plumbing pipes pass through the basement and if any moisture is found, a leak is present.

Pool of water around the tank

The tank is part of the plumbing system if a pool I around it; you need to check for leaks.

Pool of water around the water heaters

The water heater tank or pipes around it can develop leaks.

Blistering paint or wall paper

Pipes pass through the walls and blistering paint or wall paper is a clear sign of leaking.

Stains on the ceiling

For tanks installed in the ceiling, stains will indicate leakage.

Damage to the floor

If your home has wooden floors, damage to it indicates leaking in the plumbing system.

Leak Detection of Plumbing Systems

Our experts are ready to attend to any problems immediately you contact us. They are licensed, well equipped and well trained.

What happens without plumbing leak detection service?

  • A lot of water will be wasted away
  • Your water bill will continue to increase
  • You will expose yourself and your family members to diseases
  • Dirt will find its way into the pipes if it’s close or under the ground.

Misconceptions of Leaking Water Piping

  • If a leak is present, it will come to the surface
  • As a home owner, I need to worry about leaks on the main transmission line to the house
  • My system is not losing any water. No leaks are present.

Why Choose Us for Leak Detection Services

We are well trained, certified, highly experienced, provide high quality services and are skilled. We manage our time very well and provide leak detection services at cheap prices.

Our experts are ready at hand to receive your call regarding the plumbing system. They offer most affordable services and provide dedicated customer satisfaction. As licensed professionals, they have no hidden charges for the services provided and are always on time.

They help to protect your home from damage and clean up after work is done. This leaves your home spotlessly clean. We provide plumbing leak detection service to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Call for enquiries or book an appointment today.

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