It is a common phenomenon for residents of Singapore HDB flats to experience leaks from the ceiling. This happens due to normal wear and tear as the flats age. The ceiling is made of concrete with waterproof membranes and screed. As time goes by, the waterproof membrane and screed wears off leading to leaks. This happens in the bathroom and toilet area where water is present at all times. When this happens you need to call a waterproofing contractor singapore to fix this problem.

According to the lease agreement, the owners of the upper and lower floor units are responsible to maintain their respective flats. This means that if a leak occurs, the upper and lower flat owners will have to share the repair costs.

Several repair methods are available which help to seal the leaks. One method that is popular and frequently used is the re-screeding method. If the leakages are severe, it sometime requires more than one waterproofing repair to completely solve the issue. This is why you need to seek the help of an expert such as CATS. Below are steps how experts repair leaks in an HDB flat.

Floor tile, screed and fixture removal

This is the first step that the expert will begin with. Removal of the above allows the expert to arrive at the heart of problem which means it makes it easier to access the leaks. The expert will start by removing the tiles, the screed and fixtures. Once this is done, all the loose particles are removed while the parts surrounding the piping are filled using non shrinking grout. Once this is done, the expert will proceed to apply a durable and resistant waterproof membrane and it should sit for up 12 hours. This allows the waterproof membrane to bond and improve the quality.

Applying a new layer of waterproofing screed

It is time to replace the squat pans and once this has been done, a new waterproof screed layer which should be 20 mm thick onto the hacked surface with the waterproof membrane should be laid. It is important to ensure a mild slope is applied to improve drainage. The screed should be left to solidify for 12 hours. It is highly recommended to use waterproof screed which are pre-packaged.

Floor tile and fixture reinstallation

Start by hacking and removing the tiles plus the screed from the floor. You need to use the right equipment when doing so. To ensure that the problem does not emerge again, you need to hack the concrete slab further around 50 mm deep. Once you have done so, apply a layer of the floor tile bonding agent and if needed, extend the pipings.

The hacked area then has to be filled with no shrink grout but ensure that enough space has been left. It’s time to retile the floor as well as refixing the floor trap. It is recommended to use a floor trap that are long legged.

Final Thoughts

As a HDB flat owner, it is important to know that you are responsible for any problems especially those on your floor and ceiling. Leaks do occur and they can be disruptive. To ensure that they don’t occur, you need to have them repaired. You can always hire an expert who is licensed, insured and experienced to inspect and repair the leaks.

Several methods are available that allow the expert to make the finest repairs. They include re-screeding methods and localized repairs. High quality materials need to be used when making repairs. This assures you that no leaks will occur in the near future. Contact CATS for the best home and HDB ceiling leak repair service in Singapore.