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Ceiling leaks repair service helps to correct problems related to leaks emerging throught he ceiling.

The first thing you need to do is contact our licensed experts. They will arrive in your home to investigate the problem. If the leak is in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen or balcony area, it will be assessed. Once this is done, they will provide you with solutions and their costs. Don’t worry they are affordable with no hidden charges. If you agree to the package presented, they will proceed with repairs. This will allow you to have peace of mind.

Why You should get Waterproofing for a Ceiling Leak?

When your ceiling leaks, it results in several problems. Mold and mildew will thrive on the walls and ceiling. When one breathes in the spores, it will result in health complications. They can range from breathing problems to asthma. Apart from that, the paint will start to peel which will also escalate the health problems if one breathes in the particles.


Symptoms Showing You Have a Ceiling Link

Mildew and mold

Waterproofing prevents mold and mildew growth on the ceilings and walls.

Damage to the wall

If your wall starts to display damage at the top, you need to waterproof.

Peeling wall paint

This is a clear sign that your ceiling is leaking moisture and water into the walls

Peeling wallpaper

Peeling decorative wallpapers are a sign of a waterproofing issue.

Presence of a musty smell

If every time you walk into a room and you experience a musty smell, waterproof it.

Stains on the ceiling

When you witness brownish stains on the ceiling, then you have a leak.

Health problems

If you or your workers complain of health problems related to breathing, then you need to waterproof the roof.

Moisture presence on top part of the wall

If you get to see droplets of water on the top part of the wall, you have a leak

Droplets on the ceiling

This is a clear indication that your roof needs waterproofing.

Ceiling Leaking

All you need is to contact our licensed professionals who are ready to answer your calls and solve your problem.

Benefits of Ceiling Leak Waterproofing

  • Prevents stains from appearing on the ceiling
  • Prevents damage to the walls
  • Prevents paint from peeling
  • Prevents damage to wall papers
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Prevents breathing complications
  • Prevents occurrence of a musty smell
  • Prevents damage to valuables
  • Prevents decrease in building value
  • Improves the look of your basement

What will happen to your ceiling if you do not get Waterproofing?

  • Home owners and their family members will develop health complications. This is attributed to the breathing in of mold and mildew.
  • The ceiling will have stains which will require painting and repairs. This will increase costs.
  • The problem will affect light fixtures and could result in fires due to electrical problems.

Why Choose Us

We are well trained, highly skilled and experienced. We have been certified by different training institutions and regulation bodies for their years of exemplary service.

You don’t have to worry about the service prices. They are affordable and have no hidden charges. Our friendly and knowledgeable always arrive on time when they have been booked by you. All charges are revealed before the project begins. They offer a 30 day warrant which protects you in case the repairs are not satisfactory (which is never).

You don’t have to live with a ceiling leaking problem anymore. Call us for enquiries or book an appointment with one of our ceiling leak professionals today!

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