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Singapore's #1 Emergency Plumbing Services!

As the best licensed professionals in Singapore, we are ready to help when in need of emergency 24 hour plumbing service.

The Emergency 24 hour plumbing service helps to address plumbing problems that have arisen during the day and night. The problems may include plumbing inspection, new installations and plumbing repairs among others. The experts like us are available throughout the day and night. This means as a home owner, when an emergency occurs with your plumbing, our experts are ready to help. They are well equipped with mobile trucks and they will answer your call of help in no time.

Why should you have a plumbing problem solved immediatley?

When your plumbing problems are not repaired early, you will end up inviting bacteria and other pathogens. This will result in different health issues and will lead to diseases like cholera and typhoid.


Emergency Plumbing Repairs Singapore

As licensed plumbers, we are ready to help. Contact our support service and help will be provided immediately. You don’t have to experience flooding in your home during the day or night. Have the problem fixed immediately.

Benefits of Emergency Plumbing Repairs Service

  • Plumbing problems are resolved anytime
  • Prevents flooding
  • Lowers repair costs
  • Prevents problem escalation
  • Prevent future problems
  • Experts are available all the time
  • Provide services to a wide range of customers
  • Improves your productivity
  • Service provided is efficient

Misconceptions of an Emergency Plumbing Repair

  • No emergency happens during the night
  • The service is inconveniencing
  • It is expensive.

How CATS Will Handle Your Job

You Call Us

Feel free to call our friendly support staff all week long if you’re looking for dependable plumbing services. We’re always happy to assist you with your % issues.

We assess Your Problem

Once we’ve received your request/call, our staff will look into your situation or requirements before providing you with the best options to go forth with.

We Quote A Price

After having a full understanding of the job requirements, an estimate charge will be provided for your consideration. Affordability is one of our strengths!

We Take Required Tools

Right before each appointment, we’ll gather all parts, tools and equipments that is and could be required, this allows us to complete almost every job onsite and at once.

We Check Your Appliance

After reaching your location, we will double check our understanding of the problems you have, then begin a in depth check of your issue in question.

Repair Your Appliance

Our technician will provide you a confirmed price for the entire job when the true cause of the issue has been uncovered, once we receive an approval we’ll begin work.

We Do Tests

Once our technician have finalised all repairs on your appliance, he will test it completely to ensure it is fully working without any fault before officially signing off on it


Once the test run of your appliance has checked out, and the issue completed fixed, our technician will collect the fee for the work done.

Why Choose Us

We have worked for a wide range of customers including residential, commercial and industrial. We are experienced and respond to emergencies on time.

We are always on time, we offer affordable services and they provide dedicated customer satisfaction. Thanks to our training we are highly experienced and 100% qualified for your needs. When we are done with repairs, we will clean up the work area leaving your home clean.

We offer a 30 day warranty with no hidden charges. The full cost is approved before the project begins which assures you of transparency. Our services are available 24 hours a day for any emergency. Call us for enquiries or to book an appointment.

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