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Singapore's #1 Emergency Electrician Services!

As the best electrical professionals in Singapore, we are ready to help when in need of emergency 24 hour electrician service.

An emergency 24 hour electrician service helps to address problems that arise during the day and night. If a fuse blows up, a light fixture is damaged, a socket starts to spark or a circuit breaker has problems, you can have them resolved thanks to the service.

We are well trained, equipped and skilled to combat any problems related to electrical systems.

Fixtures and appliances are manmade which means they are susceptible to damage. This can happen when you have organized a party at your home or you are having a quite dinner with your family. To prevent any inconvenience, you need to contact professionals like CATS. Our experts will arrive at your home, assess the problem and make the necessary repairs, replacement or installation.


Electrical Symptoms Which Requires Immediate Electrical Repairs

Funny odours

If you smell an off-odour in form of burning plastic or vinyl, then you need to call electrical contractors like us.


Sparks are signs that your electrical system has problems. You need to have repairs made.

Hot outlets

If your outlet is hot to the touch, you need to call a professional electrician like us to resolve the problems.

Dimming or flickering lights

When you experience this, your electrical system likely has a wiring issue.

Tripped circuit breakers

This shows that your electrical wiring system has problems and needs to be addressed.

Buzzing sound

If you hear a buzzing sound when close to an electric source, you have a problem.

Char/burn marks

This refers to dark marks found around electricity outlets. If they are present, contact the professionals.

Dead outlet

If you discover that a particular outlet is not functioning as required, you need to have it repaired.

Frayed wires

If you get to see frayed wires when in the ceiling or close to the socket, you need to contact the professionals.

Emergency Electrical Repairs Singapore

Our fully trained and friendly experts are ready to help with your electrical repairs. They are well equipped, highly trained, skilled and experienced. They provide affordable services to clients when contacted.

Benefits of Emergency Electrical Repairs Service

  • Improved comfort
  • Peace of mind
  • Assured supply of electricity
  • Reduced power bills
  • Food is preserved well
  • Saves on future repair costs
  • Improves system lifespan
  • Security of your family is not jeopardized
  • Improved safety

Misconceptions of an Emergency Electrical Repair

  • The service is not necessary as repairs can be made during the weekend
  • The service is expensive
  • It can increase insecurity during the night.

How CATS Will Handle Your Job

You Call Us

Frustrated because of an issue with your electrical appliance? Don’t worry, our team if always available all year long. You can get in touch with us through phone or email.

We assess Your Problem

After we’ve received your call, our friendly team will assist you in helping you figure out the situation, or we’ll note down the services you require, before going forward.

We Quote A Price

Our staff will then come up with an estimate for the project, if possible. We’re one of the most affordable Emergency Electrician providers in Singapore, so you don’t have to worry!

We Take Required Tools

Before an appointment, our technicians will ensure all equipment, tools and parts are prepared. We respect your time, so we want to get the job done in one trip which saves time.

We Check Your Appliance

When our technicians reaches the location, the first thing will be to carry out a thorough and complete check-up of the problematic appliance before any work.

We Repair Your Appliance

Only once our technicians are 100% affirmative regarding the cause of the issue, will they give you a confirmed pricing before beginning work to restore the appliance.

We Do Tests

Once all required repairs have been done, the next step would be carrying out a complete run through of the appliance to confirm that all problems have been fixed.


Once the test run of your appliance has checked out, and the issue completed fixed, our technician will collect the fee for the work done.

Why Choose Us

We have worked for a wide range of customers including residential, commercial and industrial. We are experienced and respond to emergencies on time.

As the best licensed electrical professionals in Singapore, we are ready to help when in need of emergency 24 hour electrician service. We are the best in Singapore and this has enabled us to work for different customers – residential, commercial and industrial. We have gained years of experience by working for different customers. Our tools and equipment are the latest assuring you of quality service.

We offer the most affordable services with no hidden charges. The full cost of the service is approved before beginning which assures you of transparency. Our team are experts in this area so you can rest assured. If you have an emergency, call us to make enquiries or book an appointment.

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