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We Provide Top Notch Electrical Repairs for Your Home or Business. We Are Highly Trained With Many Years Of Experience.

Electrical repair service helps to mend problems that arise with electrical wiring systems, electrical power outlets, circuit breakers, ceiling fan and lighting fixtures. The service is vital in every home as this helps to prevent any accidents and ensure a proper working system. The repair service begins when you contact licensed professionals like us. We will arrive at your home and inspect the problem. Repairs will be made to the respective light fixture, power outlet, ceiling fan or wiring. Once this is done, tests will be carried out to determine if the system is working ok and if any upcoming problems are present, they will be resolved ensuring the system is working 100% efficiently.

We Provide Affordable Electrical Services And Are Quick to Respond.

When you experience an electrical problem, you need to contact licensed contractors like us. Once you have done so, you need to switch off the electricity at the mains or at the switch. Make sure that all family members are informed about the problem. This helps to prevent any electrocution and injuries. After repairs have been done, you need to ask the contractors to inspect other areas. This helps to find out any other problems.


Electrical Symptoms Which Requires Electrical Repairs

Weird smells

If there is the smell of burning plastic or any other foul smells, you have to contact us as soon as possible.


If your appliances or power outlets producing sparks, you have to get it repaired immediately.

Hot outlets

Hot power outlets are a sign of potential issues, you can call a licensed contractor to fix this issue.

Flickering or dim lights

If your lighting systems are dimmer than usual or flickering, there may be some problems requiring work.

Circuit breakers tripping

There may be certain issues with your wiring, leading to unwanted electrical issues. We can fix them.

Buzzing sound

Buzzing sounds at electrical points are usually a sign of a potential problem that require immediate attention.

Burn marks

If you see dark/burned areas around your electrical outlets, you have to contact us as it may be a fire hazard.

Dead outlets

We are experienced and fully capable in assisting you to fix outlets that are no longer working.

Damaged wires

If you see that your main wires are fraying, you need to have them replaced to prevent potential issues.

How CATS Will Handle Your Job

You Call Us

Do you need help with your Electrical Appliances? CATS is one of Singapore’s most reliable electrician service provider. Get in touch with our approachable team by phone or email.

We assess Your Problem

After you’ve called us, a dedicated support staff will attend to you queries and together, figure out the most viable options to go forward with for your situation.

We Quote A Price

When we’ve completed assessing your Electrical problem or job requirements, we will provide you with a estimated price for the entire job. Don’t worry, we’re affordable!

We Take Required Tools

Before every appointment, we will prepare every tool, equipment and part that is needed or could be required during the job to prevent the need for a second trip down to your place.

We Check Your Appliance

When we have reached the destination, we’ll ensure that our understanding of the problem is accurate before starting on a complete check of your appliance.

We Fix Your Appliance

Only when we’re completely sure what the issue is, we will seek approval for the final price of the job and begin the work to repair the Electrical appliance to the desired condition.

We Do Tests

After the repairs have been completed, we’ll do a full test of the appliance to ensure it has been restored to its full working condition before we stop work on it.


If the repair job have been completed and fully checked, we will then go on to collecting the agreed payment for the completion of the project.

Why Choose Us

We are well trained, well equipped and highly experienced. This assures you of high quality services when you contract us.

Our experts have been through the neccessary training and courses before we send them on a job. They have been certified, well trained and before starting work. Furthermore, they have worked on several projects gaining the much needed experience that makes them professionals. Furthermore, they have been licensed by the EMA which is the recognized board for electrical workers in the country.

You can never go wrong when you hire our experts as they provide professional service that is backed by their years of experience in the field. They have worked for a wide range of customers including residential, commercial and industries. They are professionals and services provided are value for money. Call us today for any enquiries or book an appointment. You will never be disappointed.

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