Debunking the Top 5 Biggest Aircon & Cooling Myths

Debunking the Top 5 Biggest Aircon & Cooling Myths

Today, majority of Singapore home owners are looking into ways to use energy more efficiently therefore cutting down on utility bills. Money is tight and this has led many people to practice different myths they have gathered from information provided by friends and the internet. However, what many people think are ideas to save on energy, might actually cause them to increase their utility bills and but unnecessary strain on their appliances, causing more aircon servicing Singapore and repairs to be required.

With air conditioning systems and energy saving, people do misunderstand how they work as well as saving on costs. Here at CATS, we would like to clear up the confusion. These are the top 5 biggest aircon & cooling myths.

Turning off the AC unit when you are away

As a home owner, when you are not in the house, you get to turn off the AC. What you need to know is that for the aircon system to cool down the home to the desired temperature, it takes a lot of work. It is even more wasteful when you keep it running during the day especially when you are not around. To ensure that you get to save on utility bills and energy, make sure that you always switch the AC off when leaving the home. This will increase the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Another thing, a programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on your annual cooling bills allowing you to save. You can also reduce the strain on the system by closing the curtains or investing in blinds. This will help to block the sun allowing the home to maintain a steady temperature.

Dropping the thermostat setting extra low cools the home

This is another cooling myth that is floated around but not true. What you need to know is that the aircon is designed with an air handler. This only moves warm air at asset speed. When you set the thermostat at low temperature, instead of saving on energy, you will be wasting it and your home will not cool any faster.

When you set the thermostat too cold, the components will freeze. This means that the external evaporator coil will accumulate ice and the internal system will malfunction if too much moisture finds its way into the components, resulting in a need for aircon repairs.

Ceiling fan will cool an empty room

Regarding this myth, what you need to know is that a ceiling fan creates what is referred to as the wind chill effect. This occurs when the air comes in direct contact with the skin allowing you to feel cooler. The ceiling fan itself does not reduce the high air temperature present in our hot and humid country. When you run a ceiling fan in an empty room, you will be wasting energy. When you operate it in a room full of people, you will take advantage of the wind chill effect and save money by adjusting the thermostat a little.

Improve system efficiency by closing vents

To many landed home owners in Singapore, this may seem logical but what you need to know is that you will end up paying more. If you have a super efficient home system, you can divide it into zones of HVAC control. Modern systems available today are designed to balance distribution of cool air in the home. If you were to close a register randomly, the AC will keep on working and blowing warm air without delivering the much needed cool air.

What will happen is that the compressor will continue to cycle frequently which places a strain on the AC. This increases the rate of wear and tear. If you have a huge home and you only want to cool one single room, you need to invest in a ductless mini split AC or just a basic window unit.

Cranking the thermostat to a low setting will cool the room

This has never been true as air handlers are able to adjust their output in order to match the demand. Most homes are fitted with units that have a single fan speed on. This means that the house temperature will adjust at a fairly set rate. When you set the thermostat to a lower level, it won’t make any difference. All you will be doing is wasting energy and money.

Final Thoughts

As a home owner, it is important not to resort to the myths as they will not save you any money or energy. To ensure that you save on utility bills and energy use, you need to invest in a programmable thermostat, close your curtains or invest in blinds. Avoid the myths! If you need affordable aircon servicing in Singapore, you can contact our friendly team to schedule a appointment today.

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