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Air Conditioner Servicing improves the efficiency of the unit as well as improving its lifespan.

Air con servicing works by hiring the technician who needs to be experienced, well trained, insured and well equipped. When you present them the unit, they will carry out a few tests. This helps to determine which components are working well and which need replacement. The technician will use different equipment to test the unit. Once the problems are identified, the technician will clean the working parts first before placing them back in. The damaged parts will be removed and replaced with working ones. The unit will be tested before being plugged in.

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When you have your unit serviced, it will improve the efficiency of the system. You will experience better cooling and improved air flow. No noise will be generated and bad odour will not be present. Furthermore, the unit will have improved lifespan. It also helps to direct bad odour and prevent the onset of mold and mildew in the home. This is because the temperatures will be kept optimum preventing their growth.

When Do You Need An Air Conditioner Servicing?


If the unit is generating weird noises, it needs to be maintained.

Bad odour

As a home owner, if you smell a bad odour in the home, you need to have the unit serviced.

Poor air flow

If cool air is not flowing in well, your air contioner unit needs to be serviced.

Increased power bill

When you notice that your power bill is increasing, you need to service the unit.

Problems with the thermostat

Thermostat help to regulate temperature therefore if not working, service the unit.

Drainage problems

If moisture is present, you need to check for drainage problems

Electric shorting problems

When you turn on the unit ad you experience a few sparks, you need to service it.

Its age

Your unit is aging which affects its efficiency. To improve its lifespan, have it serviced.

Poor performance

If the unit has performance issues, you need to have it serviced.

Air Conditioner Servicing Singapore

Our Air Conditioner Technicians are always ready to help you with your Air Conditioner needs. We provide prices at great value for money and our services are of the highest standards.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Servicing

  • Improved lifespan
  • Improves air flow
  • Identifies upcoming problems
  • Saves on costly repairs
  • Saves on time
  • Eliminates frustrations
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Benefit from the warranty
  • Eliminates loose electrical connections
  • Better overall performance

Misconceptions of Air Conditioner Servicing

  • Maintenance plans are expensive
  • It is not a requirement
  • Servicing only when broken
  • A home owner can perform the servicing

What happens when you do not Service your Air Conditioner

  • Increased repair costs
  • Poor performance
  • Bad odour
  • Damage to the unit
  • Increased temperatures in the home

Why Choose Us for Aircon Servicing

We are well trained, well equipped and highly experienced. This assures you of high quality services when you contract us.

When it comes to air con servicing, you need to hire professionals. They are well trained, certified from a recognized institution and they are licensed. Furthermore, they charge affordable fees for the service provided and no hidden charges.

It is important to hire a professional service provider. They are always on time, most affordable, dedicated to customer satisfaction, offer 30 day warranty and they are friendly. They service commercial, residential and industrial appliances. You can be assured of protection to your home from damages and clean up. You can call for enquiries or book an appointment. Our services are value for money.

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