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Why You Should Work at

The family here at are all committed to giving our customers the very best service we can offer for both plumbing and electrical services.

Be it helping you unclog your toilets at the crack of dawn, or fixing your fridges just before Christmas day, we’ll make sure that we make your experience as great as possible. The approach is also how we collaborate with our staff members, creating the tightly knit family of home-service experts you know today as!

What We Provide & Requirements

Know anyone that’s skilled in our craft? Or are you too looking to join our family yourself? Yes, you read that right, we’re on the lookout for talented, passionate and hardworking electricians and plumbers to join our teams; regardless of nationality. What we offer is more than just an experience working at a fast-growing home-services company; competitive salaries, staff support and a bonded group all bundled together when you decide to join our teams!

What’re you waiting for? Drop us an email or call us at and 9669 0178 respectively and our HR teams will start contacting you as soon as they’re able. Your dream career awaits!