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Air Conditioners help improve the quality of air we work, sleep and eat everyday.

This is a service that is performed by licensed and experienced technicians with the purpose of fully setting up the air con unit in a home or office environment. Air conditioning is vital in a home especially if you live in Singapore. This helps to improve your personal comfort as well as cool the home during the hot months. You need to purchase the right air con unit for your home. Hire a licensed and experienced technician to help you set up. They will begin by unpacking the unit and using the right equipment, they will begin to set up. They will find a suitable location outdoors where the unit will be set up before installing the duct and redirecting it indoors. The unit will be connected to the power in order to test the connection. Adjustments will be made to the controls to ensure it works optimally.

Why Have An Air Conditioner In Your Home

What you need to know is that without an air con unit in the home, you will have to face the intense heat in Singapore. An aircon cools down the air within your room to make it feel more comfortable. The unit takes in hot air in the room and blows out cool air to keep you relaxed and cool. So, you have bought a new air con unit for your home and you are wondering the next step. When it comes to air con installation, you can rely on our skilled and highly experienced experts. They are ready at hand to install the unit at an affordable fee without any hidden charges.

Where Do You Need An Air Conditioner?

In an Office

The office is one place where fresh and cool air is needed as windows remain closed always.


In a manufacturing industry, air cons are needed to redirect poisonous gases away.


Patients need to be healthy and air con units redirect pathogens outdoors.


Home owners need to live in a comfortable environment especially during the hot months

Nuclear power station

There is no better way to cool and even redirect bad air than with an air con.

Field office

Field officers work under intense conditions and this can improve everything.


Soldiers training in the desert can do with fresh air when they are resting.


Your unit is aging which affects its efficiency. To improve its lifespan, have it serviced.

Much more

In Singapore, the temperature is very high. Keeping cool is important.

Why Choose Us for Aircon Installation

CATS are experienced in aircon installation in Singapore for all property types. Contact us to book a quick appointment.

When it comes to Aircon Installation, It is best to choose a company that are experienced and understand how to handle the situation. These companies are usually great value for money as they can provide the expertise required.

Furthermore, a professional company like us will be able to provide dependable & friendly customer support all year long. Other than the 30 day service warranty that we provide, you can also have a peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your home, commercial or industry property. To book an appointment or for enquiries, you can contact our team anytime.

Why Choose CATS?

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