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Air Conditioner Chemical Wash improves the efficiency of the unit as well as improving its lifespan.

This refers to a service where the unit and its components are washed with a chemical reagent in order to remove dirt and dust that has accumulated during the course of time. A wash is favorable for older units which help to revive it making it useful again. The units fan coil is dismantled; the evaporator coil is washed with chemicals plus the external panels, the air filter, the blower wheel, the fan blade, the condenser coils, the drainage pipe and the blower fan motor. The motor is lubricated to prevent friction and improve its lifespan. A refrigerant system check is performed and other major electrical connections for loose wires. The unit it tested afterwards to determine if any noise is present.

The Difference between Chemical Washing And Chemical Cleaning

The wash method is known to be more thorough and it helps to remove dirt and dust that has been deep seated for a long time. This is why the service has been favorable for older units. When running the unit, it will continually provide your home with cool air. Since the unit is outdoors, it will be in direct contact with dirt, dust and other debris.

This will find its way into the components and start damaging the parts. When components like the condenser, filters and evaporator coils are lined with dirt, their efficiency will lower. You will notice that the unit is no longer providing cool air and the electric bill is rising.

All in all, air con chemical wash means a very thorough overhaul of the unit. Chemical cleaning is almost similar to the wash service but it’s much cheaper. This is because some parts of the wash service are not included in the cleaning service.

Air Conditioner Chemical Wash Singapore

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Servicing

  • It’s Thorough
  • Its affordable
  • Improves lifespan
  • Eliminates health complications
  • Prevents mold
  • Improves on electricity usage
  • Eliminates bad odour
  • Clears any blockage
  • Lowers chances of freezing

Misconceptions of Air Conditioner Chemical Washing

  • Due to the chemicals used, it can lead to health complications
  • It is expensive. Even though it may be expensive, it’s worth it as it improves the efficiency of the unit.
  • It is a complicated procedure that takes time
  • It pollutes the quality of air
  • It replaces the traditional cleaning method of the unit.

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