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Air con chemical cleaning refers to a procedure where chemicals are used to clean an air conditioner.

The units need regular maintenance in order to continue providing you with the much needed service. This not only improves how the unit works but it also improves the lifespan of the unit. So, it assures of you of long term service and less repair costs. The service is necessary for all units especially those that are aging. There are several ways that can help you determine when your unit requires urgent maintenance. Noise from the vents, increase in electricity bills and accumulated dust and dirt around the filter. This can result in further damage of the unit as well as health problems to you and your family.

The Process of having an Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning.

The technician will start by dismantling the unit to provide access to the inner component like air filter. Chemical reagents will be used to clean the interior part of the unit. This includes the filters, the condenser and the evaporator coils. The reagent can be dispensed in form of a spray which helps to remove dirt and dust. The technician may also soak the components in the reagent to allow the removal of dirt. The pipes and the drainage of the unit are also flushed with the chemical reagent to ensure no dirt finds its way into your home. During this time, the technician will also charge the refrigerant, check the controls and the thermostat. Once this has been accomplished, the unit will be tested to determine if it is working in the best condition. It is recommended to have you unit washed with chemicals once a year.

Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning Singapore

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning

  • Lower electric bill
  • Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency
  • No health complications will be present
  • Mold is eradicated
  • Durability Of Air Con will be better
  • It eliminates any water leaks
  • Cool air will be provided in the home
  • Eliminates bad odour from the unit
  • It is an affordable service

Misconceptions of Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning

  • The service is expensive
  • Due to the chemicals used, it will lead to health complications
  • It is not suitable for the air con unit itself
  • It is a complicated procedure that takes time

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