4 Ways to Slash Your Air Conditioning Bills
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4 Ways to Slash Your Air Conditioning Bills

When most home owners receive their utility bills, all they have is an astonished look on their face.

Why? The numbers reflected in the amount section cannot be explained. This happens especially around summer when most homes need to cool the interior to ensure a comfortable environment. When this happens, majority of home owners seek gadgets that help to reduce energy consumption. These gadgets are not cheap and you will have to invest a tidy sum. What majority of home owners don’t know is that with a few tricks such as regular aircon servicing and repair, one can save on energy costs and finally have a number that brings a smile to the face.

Here are 4 ways to slash your conditioning bills.

Know the number of BTU’s needed

What is BTU? This stands for British Thermal Unit which is a measurement mostly found on AC units. What this means is that the more BTUs an aircon unit has, the more cooling power it has. As a home owner, you need to know the size of your rooms so that you can determine the number of BTU’s needed for each room.

For those who don't understand BTU, you can always translate the units into an understandable value by visiting the AC unit manufacturer. For example if you were to purchase an AC unit with 8,000 BTU’s, this has the ability of cooling a room that’s 300 to 350 square feet or that which measures 18 feet by 18 feet. If you have an irregularly sized room, you need to break down the space into smaller geometric shapes.

Keep the vents open and clean

The vents are vital especially for an aircon unit. It helps to keep the dust, dirt and other particles from blowing into your home thanks to the air filters. You need to ensure that the filters are replaced and inspected.

When you ensure that all vents are opened, the air conditioner will not struggle in order to cool the room. While many home owners believe that closing the vents will help to reduce energy consumption, the opposite actually happens.

Improve airflow

An AC usually strains in order to cool the room to the ideal temperature. It is important to know that heat rises while the cool air is pushed downwards. This means that the AC unit has to continue working in order to cool the home. When you use fans with low energy consumption, they will help to redistribute the hot air around the room, keeping it warm and preventing the unit from straining. You can always position the fan in the direction you want the air to move towards to.

Select an Energy Star Model

If your AC unit is old, you need to consider replacing it. According to experts, units that are new and have undergone the Energy Star rating will work efficiently when compared with an old unit or a unit without the Energy star rating, you can check with your nearest electronics store or call CATS for more expertise in this area.

To know if your model is rated, you need to look for the key number under Energy Efficiency Rating. If it is higher, then the unit is efficient. If you were to replace an old EER unit with a new one, you will get to lower the costs. Even when it comes to the windows, you need to look for one that is energy efficient.

Final Thoughts

As a home owner, it is important to lower your energy costs as this will allow you to save. You don’t have to buy gadgets that improve energy consumption. All you need to do is know the number of BTUs the unit has, keep the vents open, improve airflow and select an Energy Star rated appliance. For any aircon installation, servicing or repair, you can call CATS for dependable and fast service with experienced technicians at rock bottom prices!

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